ngReactGrid - An AngularJS grid using ReactJS to render

After my last post about writing my own ReactJS component to render the grids in our application, I received a lot of feedback from interested developers wanting to get their hands on some of the code I had written.

Thanks to the long weekend, I went ahead and decoupled as much as I could from our application and wrote it into it's own AngularJS directive that all of you can use in your applications.

Here is the github link:

Note, that this component is in its infancy and not ready to use in production yet. I have slowedly stripped out most of this code out of our framework, and I still have much to do. The feature set is scarce at the moment.

However I felt that there was enough code there for those interested to take a look, and see how you can be using ReactJS with Angular today.

Here are some JSBin links for you guys:

Basic Functionality:
Basic Functionality - Horizontal Scroll:

I'll be checking github and any comments below for questions or comments.

Oh, and if you want to help, PLEASE do so, everyone is welcome to contribute.