ngReactGrid 0.5.0 - Custom cells

Another week of ngReactGrid development, and I have finished writing the documentation plus some fixes to the custom cell functionality inside ngReactGrid.

Those of you that have started to use this component have reached out to me asking how to implement such a function, I have responded with an example of how to do this as shown here:

I have also documented it more extensively by adding the default cell options available for ngReactGrid to it's homepage: and a custom cell rendering example:

One of the enhancements that version 0.5.0 comes with, is the ngReactGridCheckbox cell. This cell should be used whenever you wish to have a checkbox per row on your grid. The example above shows how to use it.

The other way of rendering cells is by simply returning React components. These can be any of the React.DOM.* elements that are available when you use React.

The other alternative is to return a string, this can be useful when you want to run some logic on the row before returning it's value. However please be aware that if you return html in this string, it will be escaped. If you need to return html, please do so with React.DOM.* or JSX.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me through Github.

Until next time.