Angular: ng-grid and ng-table, not quite there...yet

This post is to highlight these two amazing open source contributions made by the authors of both of these libraries and to try to convince anyone out there to help out with some real issues AngularJS developers are facing.

If you have not had a chance to try out these two amazing Angular libraries, please check them out.
ng-grid is based on SlickGrid which is a pretty high performant data grid, ng-grid is purely Angular. It is highly customizable and gets the job done.
ng-table is a simpler version of ng-grid and uses tables. It is a very nice little library that allows you to get up and running quickly. It is exactly what you need when you have to render a simple table with Angular.

These two libraries help me on a daily basis to get my job done. Now.......both of them have drawbacks that I would like to help them fix and I hope I can convince you to help.

ng-grid does not support variable row heights based on content. This grid meets all of my requirements however I can't accept that if I want to show all of the content of my cells I have to give ALL of my rows the height of biggest row. This has become a very annoying problem to deal with whenever I work with ng-grid.

One of my goals for the next month is to try and implement this functionality into ng-grid and hopefully open source it.

ng-table on the other hand uses tables to render the data, so it gets variable row height by default...nice! However, if I want to have a max height for my table's content and keep a fixed header, I have to result to hacks that never quite deliver. This is a problem well known about HTML tables, which is why DataTable ( for jQuery has to create three separate tables for the header, body and footer.

I hope to have time to contribute to this project and help improve it although I fear too much of a rewrite.

If you face this issue, please reach out to these developers, myself or the community to try to get something working that I am sure all AngularJS developers would appreciate.